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En Avant Dance Studio was founded in 1988 by Constance Martin, to provide quality dance education by professionally trained, experienced and educated teachers, and to provide support to local festivals and special events. Andrea Rinne became an owner in 1990 and Lorraine Brown-Bassett in 1993. The studio grew, in 1997 it moved to its current location. More than 5,000 students have learned to dance at En Avant since the opening nearly three decades ago.

Tenacity Bricher-Wade, one of the current owners, had her first dance class with En Avant in 1988 as a pre-dancer. She discovered her passion for dance and is fortunate to have pursued and embraced it her whole life. In December of 2016, Tenacity and her mom, Sheila, purchased the studio. They are honored and proud to continue a long tradition of excellent dance education, community involvement and great customer service.

Mission Statement

En Avant Dance will remain a non-competitive

studio. We strive to be a place where students of

every age, shape, size and condition may explore their

passion and learn to dance. Students feel empowered, comfortable and free to explore their interests, creativity, individuality and self-expression in a positive, constructive environment and experience.



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Photo by Michael Shane Smith

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