Classes We Offer


Dance class are great stress relivers and exercise. Come dance with us and explore your passion for dance! Adult classes are available in Ballet, Barre, Lyra/Aerial Hoop, Tap, Yoga and Zumba. However, adults are welcome and often participate in upper-level classes in Ballet, Pointe, Pointe Variations, Hip Hop, Improv, Irish Step, Jazz, Lyra/Aerial Hoop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Modern, and Tap. Punch cards available for adult classes.

For information regarding ballroom and country classes visit for information about classes being held in our studios.


Ages 3-5 or Kindergarten

Fun age-appropriate basic ballet steps, concentrating on coordination and motor skills, rhythm and musicality, and free dance.


Ages 3-5 or Kindergarten

Age-appropriate high energy hip-hop class for our youngest dancers. Class focus is on strength, coordination and rhythm. Students are entertained while learning beginning hip-hop skills and moves.


Ages 6 (1st Grade) - Adult

Traditional ballet curriculum teaching correct technique, proper alignment, positioning and terminology. Emphasis is on learning positions, combinations, musicality and improving performance quality.


Required: 2 years of Ballet

Meets concurrent Ballet requirement

Ages 12 - Adult

Full technical barre followed by variations (excerpts from a classical ballet). Class designed for students interested in developing a deeper knowledge of Ballet artistry and history. Variation and new original choreography are explored to increase knowledge and understanding of history, characters, and story lines of some of the world's most beloved ballets. Class provides an opportunity to transform technique into art while building strength, poise and performance quality. Qualified dancers encouraged to take this class en pointe.

Teachers are the only qualified people who can accurately determine the appropriate level for you/your child. Age and years of experience factor into class placement but are only part of the decision. Maturity, respect for self and others, and the ability to learn at a rapid rate are carefully considered. Many levels are structured as multiple year curricula. Our studio offers seven (7) class levels (excluding Pointe and other Ballet related courses). Older beginners may join within their age range. You/your child are likely to remain in the same level for two (2) or more years. 


Most classes perform in our annual spring performance. Non-performance classes are identified in description.


Required: 2 Years of Ballet + 2 Concurrent Ballet (Participation in local company does not qualify as concurrent ballet)

Ages 12 - Adult

Pointe is an extension of ballet. Students must have 2-3 years of ballet training and instructor’s permission. Dancing on pointe is the act of standing on the tips of the toes performing ballet steps. Pointe work, uses hard–toed and stiff shanked pointe shoes. Levels 1&2 and 2&3 are available.


Non-Performing Class

Meets Concurrent Ballet requirement

Limited to Pointe and Adults

This class helps students to understand in-depth training of muscle memory, improvement of core stability, weight placement and alignment. Students use fit balls, Thera Bands, foam rollers and other devices to facilitate their conditioning. This class meets one of the ballet requirements for pointe.


Non-Performing Class

Meets Concurrent Ballet requirement

Limited to Pointe and Adults

This class helps students to more fully develop and understand in-depth training of muscle memory, improvement of core stability, weight placement and alignment.


Non-Performing Class

Ages 12-Adult

A hybrid workout class combining ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training.  This class incorporates ballet barre and use classic dance moves to focus on developing strength and flexibility in the lower body.


Ages 7 - Adult

High-energy, fun and funky class for anyone with a passion to move. Hip Hop is about personal style and expression. No dance experience is required, students may begin at age three (3) with Tot Hop.  There are four (4) additional levels of Hip Hop. Students learn the importance of isolations and dynamics to execute pop-and-lock and funk movements, explore different styles and the basic vocabulary of hip-hop. Older beginners may join within their age level.


Ages 12 - Adult

NO Previous dance experience necessary. Following warmup improvisation class includes a freeing process of creating movement without pre-planning any steps or choreography. Free movement is a great way to have fun, relieve stress and explore new ways to move. 


Ages 9 - Adult

Traditional Irish dance in which dancers perform quick, intricate footwork while their upper bodies hold still. We offer a soft shoe class and a hard shoe class.  Previous or concurrent enrollment in soft shoe is required to participate in hard shoe.


Concurrent Ballet Strongly Encouraged

Ages 7 - Adult

Classic jazz curriculum with movement vocabulary. Emphasis is on developing technique and style through progressively more complex combinations to achieve mastery of a variety of jazz styles including Street Jazz, Percussive, Broadway, Contemporary and Lyrical. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style. Older beginners may join within their age group. Students may begin taking Jazz at age six (6) and our studio currently offers four (4) levels of Jazz.


Required: Concurrent Ballet or Jazz


Ages 10 - Adult

Jazz/Ballet deeply passionate fusion technique challenging dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion by combining elements of Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Classical Ballet. Dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. It stresses versatility and improvisation, focusing on floor work, using gravity to pull the dancers to the floor and dancing to the melody and harmony of the music to tell a story through every movement made. Our studio offers three (3) levels of Lyrical / Contemporary plus a multi-level.


Required: Techer Permission

Ages 10- Adult

Students may expect multiple years at each level. Classes include stretching warmup and strength training focused on core and lower abs. Mounting, dismounting, a variety of hangs, wraps, twists, and transitions are explored. Students learn at their own pace progressing to harder and more advanced moves as strength and confidence increase.


Ages 8 - Adult

Barefoot modern technique exploring space, weight and movement concepts through core strengthening, stretching and floorwork. Various traditional modern dance disciplines and foundations are integrated with current contemporary styles. For dancers who like complicated physical floor work, patterns of movement and self-expression. Elements of improvisation are also introduced. Three (3) levels of Modern are available.


Required: Concurrent enrollment in other En Avant Dance class/s

Small group or soloist performance

Ages 13-Adult

Scheduled to begin in February by collaborative agreement between individual instructors and Soloist or Small Group of students concurrently enrolled in other classes.  Special opportunity to develop and showcase skills and technique in any style with instructor who agrees to work with soloist or small group on performance piece for spring performance.  Meeting days and times determined by instructors and students in consultation. 


Ages 6 (1st Grade) - Adult

Rhythm and movement of tap, created by the metal taps on the heels and toes of a dancer’s shoes, transforms the dancer into a percussive musician. Tap emphasizes the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms and beats in music and in their bodies.  Students may expect to remain at each level for multiple years. There are five levels of Tap.  


Non-Performing Class

Ages 15-Adult

No new age nonsense or faux religious pretentions. Never any extra ordinary contortions.  Everyone moves according to their own ability in a  gentle and relaxing Sunday morning stretching, breathing and balance workout with various types of music. Participants move into various positions to become more fit or flexible, improve breathing, and relax minds. Multi month discounted punch card available.


Non-Performing Class

Ages 15-Adult

A small group fitness program consisting of dance and aerobic exercise to popular music great for adding some fun to your day. Zumba at your own pace and ability. We provide dance bars for patrons with balance concerns. Some choose to dance in a chair. Lots of laughter and a good work out at your pace. Get up and get moving in a great space to support your rehab.