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              Things to Know About Dance Class Videos

To reduce the number of videos for each class, ‘warm up’ videos include both warm up exercises and steps and combinations to work on for class.

Classes don’t necessarily change weekly.  In the studio most classes work on the same steps or lessons for up to two months – allowing students to focus on technique and develop muscle memory over several weeks.  

Although some classes may not have choreography videos yet doesn’t mean students are missing out, they are still working on steps they’ll use for the performance.

Most choreography videos include three to four weeks of choreography that students would learn over weeks of class in the studio. 

Students only work on choreography for ten to fifteen minutes in shorter classes and fifteen to thirty minutes in longer classes which includes reviewing the same portion of the choreography again and again.    

The steps for just a few measures of music are learned and then repeated over and over before learning steps for the next few measures.    

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